Conference on Teaching Language and Communication to Children with Autism


Mr. Toby Mountjoy

Mr. Toby Mountjoy

MSc, BCBA, Autism Partnership Director




Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Salinas Dr, Cebu City


Conference on Teaching Language and Communication to Children with Autism

Children with autism often have many challenges with communication and language. In this day lecture, Mr. Mountjoy will share how the Autism Partnership Method can help teach children language and communication at all levels. In addition to many programs, this will show approaches that can help non speakers to begin to talk as well as to more advanced topics such as requesting, asking questions, sharing enjoyment, describing events and experiences. Numerous videos of real students will be presented to show how we can teach these important skills.


August 31, 2019


9am to 4pm

Venue Waterfront Cebu City Hotel, Salinas Dr, Cebu City
Regular price Php 2,200
Early bird discount Php 1,700 (Early Bird Deadline: July 13, 2019)

· Behavioral foundations for speech
· Attending and learning how to learn programs
· Teaching nonverbal children how to talk
· Developing spontaneous language for requests, questions and sharing
· Developing longer sentences, describing events and more complex language programs


Mr. Toby Mountjoy (MSc, BCBA)
Mr. Toby Mountjoy is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and holds a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. With over 20 years of experience working with individuals with ASD, he has been extensively trained by Dr. Ronald Leaf, Dr. Mitchell Taubman and Dr. John McEachin. Besides overseeing the Autism Partnership operation in Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines and Singapore with over 100 staff, including psychologists, consultants and therapists, he has also provided consultations to school districts, agencies, and families worldwide. Mr. Mountjoy has also contributed chapters to publications such as “Sense & Nonsense” and “It’s Time for School”. In 2007, he founded the charitable Autism Partnership Foundation and Aoi Pui School to offer more services for children with Autism.

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