Workshops may be in the form of didactic lecture or hands-on practicum.
Our workshop can be conducted On-Site at our center or arranged to be off-site at participant’s chosen location. AP senior staff and Behaviour Consultants conduct the workshops.

Workshops are specially designed to look at common problem areas in the treatment of autism in school or home settings, and suitable for professionals and parents.

All presentations are accompanied by videos and case studies to bring to life the concepts and information that are being taught.

Lecture Series:


  • Understanding Autism and the Current Treatments Available
  • Behaviour Management
  • Social Skills and Social Relatedness
  • Dealing with Sleeping, Eating and Toileting Issues
  • Integrating Students with Autism into Mainstream Classrooms
  • Effective School Shadowing

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Hands-On Series:

Only by practicing the skills discussed then are we able to developing skills to effectively teach children with ASD. Participants will gain hands-on experience as the workshops:

• Limits group to a small number of participants and a high ratio of supervisory staff (1:5)
• Provide participants with sufficient opportunity to practice what they learn


  • Discrete Trial Training (3 Days)
  • Developing Spontaneous Language (1 Day)
  • Teaching Interactions –A Conversational Approach to Intervention (2 Days)

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