Aspire Program

Autism Partnership is a worldwide agency that works closely with individuals with a diagnosis of ASD, their families, teachers and professionals in the medical field and special education.

We have offices and support services all over the world, and in Manila we provide early intervention at our Tomas Morato office and current newest development the “Aspire Program: Gearing Children for Success”.

Our expertise is utilizing the scientifically proven methodology of teaching: Applied Behavior Analysis. With our expert team and caregivers, we create all rounded and balanced programs to meet individual needs. We don’t just teach what is needed ‘now’ but what is needed ‘in the future’.

With our extensive knowledge and experiences running support services, classrooms and schools, we are extending our services to older teenage students up to 18 years old.


The Aspire program’s mission and vision is to gear students for success by:

  • Ensuring their rights to learn skills at their pace.
  • Ensuring their rights to have an Individualised Education Plan plus tailor made lessons and programs that enhances their learning and skill acquisition of applicable skills which lead to greater independence and self-esteem.
  • Ensuring our student’s programs are monitored, evaluated to ensure progress is occurring and that we are committing to the Individualised Education Plan objectives set
  • Ensuring parents and caregivers have open communication and access to our staff and consultant with regularly meetings.
  • Ensuring our students have access to a balanced curriculum which delivers guidance, knowledge building, and experiences in:
    • Academics
    • Behaviour and emotional regulation
    • Language and communication
    • Social skills
    • Executive functioning
    • Independence in problem solving
    • Self management
    • Accessing the community and skills for developing hobbies
    • Passions and vocational experiences




Gearing for success means not missing out on opportunities due to deficits in skills or emotional regulation and behavior.

We welcome visitors and individuals to meet with us if you require any further information.