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What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis is based upon more than 50 years of scientific investigation and is the most extensively recognized best practice and scientifically proven treatment of Autism today.

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APM Educational Project 2022 – Long Long’s Family

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APM Educational Project 2022 – Ho Ho’s Family

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I saw significant improvement on my son's behaviour. He's more open to learning things on his own, his curiosity was piqued and he started asking a lot of questions and is now able to sit down and work on his academics. It definitely opened him up to more opportunities that I didnt know was possible before.

Aljon, Azrael's Dad (AP Manila)

From being non verbal prior to AP’s intervention to being able to articulate 3-4 syllables, count, recite the alphabet, differentiate colors and shapes and sometimes even sing some phrases of songs is so amazing!

Helen, Azzuri's Mom (AP Manila)

The ABA program at AP Manila has greatly helped my son come out of his shell as he has become more confident and less anxious. His interpersonal, social and practical skills greatly improved as well as his patience.

Rosella B., Calix's Mom (AP Manila)

My 4-year-old son has only been getting therapy with AP for 10 months, but he has blossomed in that short time. The staff is incredibly caring and supportive.

Julie, parent of a child attending AP (Korea)

We did Jump Start six weeks after my son was diagnosed. When I say it was a life-changing event for everyone, I truly mean it!

Jane Heisel, M.D., M.S.