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APM Educational Project 2022 – Ho Ho’s Family

Ho Ho is now 2 years and 4 months old. He was diagnosed with ASD at age 2. Ho Ho is an extreme picky eater and refuses to eat a variety of food. His mum expresses concerns regarding his mealtime behavior problems, and it is especially challenging to get him to eat a healthy range of food. Ho Ho’s mother also saw skill regression in Ho Ho at the age of 2. Ho Ho is non-verbal and can make limited sounds.

Parent Sharing – The concerns of their child


The programs AP has worked on with Ho Ho during the 5 days training:


Program#1 – Eating


Program#2 – Language


Disclosure Statement of Ho Ho’s mom

Ho Ho’s mom was invited to present her perspective as an educational opportunity for addressing the awareness of ASD and importance of early-intervention. Ho Ho is a past client of Autism Partnership Hong Kong.

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