Our Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Treatment is a specialized approach to education. It is a very active teaching and learning process that is driven by outcomes. Teaching is individually tailored to each child and in the beginning stages rely heavily on one-to-one therapy. The focus includes communication, cognitive, play, social, self-help and other functional skills.

The number of direct intervention hours provided to a child may range from 15 to as many as 30-40 hours or more per week. Sessions are typically provided in 3-hour blocks of time, and may occur five days per week. Treatment duration typically lasts more than 2 years.

The specific number of hours that are appropriate for a child depends on numerous factors such as age of child, school placement when appropriate, and ancillary services, etc.

Our program is ALL-INCLUSIVE

Our unique curriculum includes skills that are not typically and formally taught at schools. Our goal is to equip your child with all critical foundation skills necessary for long-term success and ongoing development.

What does it include?

  • One therapist to one child
  • Tailor-made curriculum according to the assessed need of the child
  • Learning via play and practice in different settings
  • Learning data and progress is recorded
  • Weekly supervision by Case Consultants
  • Monthly Progress meetings

Schedule and Language

Time: Monday – Friday
9:00am – 3:30pm
Language: English

Parent’s Sharing

  • “Since Cole started therapy, he has made tremendous progress. When he started therapy, he had no language skills. After one year, his language was about six month behind his typical peers. As just over four years, he is now completely verbal with language skills equal to typical children his age. His other developmental tasks have made similar progress. I am certain he wouldn’t have made this level of progress if he had not gotten early and intensive therapy.”Marie, whose son joined AP
  • 「I’m pleased to see Kyros progressing very well at various stage of development. Not only his social skills have improved, his hand-eye co-ordination and the overall development of fine motor skills have showed progress. I am particularly excited to see his improvement in cognitive skill and he can tell if I am happy or sad now.」Kyros’ Mother
  • 「In a short amount of time at AP, my son already started to show significant progress in learning how to control his temper and impulsive behavior as well as how to engage in social interactions with his peers. In addition, through the parent training provided by AP, I started to master skills to get along with my son too!」Josephine Cheung, whose son joined AP at 6 years old